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Feb 22, 2011

Be Fabulous!!

So i just had one of those wonderfully fabulous nights. I had some girlfriends over and we sat and drank wine, ate chocolate and cheese and watched one of the best movies  have seen I have seen in a long time...........

It was fabulous (get used to hearing that word because it seems to be the word on the street). Now while we were watching this movie there were many comments about how corny the movie was, how predictable the movie was, how clich├ęd the movie was.........and I agree (it was like coyote ugly but instead of being set in a sleazy bar it was set in a burlesque theater) But it was still fabulous.

Cher was Fabulous ( when isn't she), The music was fabulous, The atmosphere was fabulous. I loved the fact that there were no "bad" guys. It was just a lovely movie with nothing to worry about. Even the owner of the theater was a bitch hard business women who was lovely and friendly to everyone.
The only thing i have to say is that the green dress (although being fabulous)

Should have looked more like this.......

Then it would have been even more fabulous!!!!!!

So to sum things up i thought The movie was fabulous (if you didn't already know) My only question to those who have seen it..........

Was Nicky (Kristen Bell) Tess's (Cher) daughter??????? Let me know what you think

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