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Feb 21, 2011

Not have a routine!! Set a goal week 2....

Ok so i am back!! One of my last posts was about having a blogging routine which at the time I thought was a great thing to do, it would keep me structured and I would have a plan. Since then I have been thinking alot........I managed to stay with this routine for 3 days. It then came to keeping up my routine and I got bored. It wasn't that the routine wasn't fantastic and completely inspired (he he he ) it was that I now had pressure on me. Pressure to keep up with what I had to do, pressure to do it right. I had all these ideas that I wanted to write about but it didn't fit with what I was "supposed" to be doing. So I didn't do anything. I didn't do my scheduled blog or the next one. Then I felt silly because I hadn't blogged for a couple of days so I hid. (it helped that I have been genuinely busy but I was still hiding).

I have been thinking since I started hiding why I was doing it. What it was that made me not want to do something I had so much fun doing. Then it hit's the same reason why I have become the size I am, it's the same reason why I don't stick with anything. I HATE being made to do something. I know it is me who is making me do it but I hate being told what to do. So...............I know it is Monday and I am meant to set my goals on Sunday (I think this is one part of the routine I want to keep) but I am going to make a goal.

During this week I need to find a way to exercise without having to schedule it in. I need to be spontaneous but still keep up with a plan. That is my challenge.

Oh and by the way with my goal of using my cream I did it every night for the week of the challenge. I pushed through, there were some nights I was so tired and couldn't be bothered but I pushed through and put that cream on. However since then i have gone back to my old ways so my secondary goal is to keep putting on the cream.


  1. Nice to see you back, I missed your posts. Keep on trecking you can do it. Its hard work but it will be worth it in the end!

  2. what about non-scheduled walking to school? then you can stop in at my house or Ang's on the way home. I would walk back up the hill with you if it wasn't Tues or Thurs if you wanted company.

  3. You just reminded me about my heel cream ...did it last night for the first time in days.
    Well done on sticking to your goal.
    Having a goal is half way there to a routine = following through thats much harder.
    I find it I didn't schedule my exercise I wouldn't do it.

    I hope you find an answer that works for
    you Jo on all fronts.

    I don't blog to schedule anymore - just try to stick to the blog hop /meme's I like.

    Ps - I couldn't email you because - the comments default set to blogger no reply.
    I kept meaning to look for your email ;)
    I would like an adult apron is anything blue /trim. Surprise me please.