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Feb 8, 2011

Have a Blogging routine!

I have decided after looking at Blogs that I need a blogging routine. I am thinking something like......

Sunday: SET GOALS: Set weeks Goals. Talk about how fat i am. Talk about how cute i will look on my cruise. Talk about how much that won't happen since i just went to the movies and ate a hole bag of Skittles then came home and drank half a bottle of wine while i talked about said movie with my girlfriend

Monday: Freedom To make....i will show a sewing project or a baking project (i still haven't shown that b'day cake) or something that people will say ......."YES LETS DO THAT!!!!!!"

Tuesday:  Tuesday i have no children at home so i have time to blog. So what i might do is look.......look and see what takes my fancy. Look and Blog about someones post. Something that i think is awesome. I will link to a post i love. If you have any suggestions on a blog that i might like or something that you want to share let me know . There may be someone doing something great and it needs coverage/help. Let me know!!! I will take a look and see what i like!!!!

Wednesday: Please tell me what i could do!!!!!

Thursday: Freedom to Review.... I will review something. Whether it has been a book i have read, A movie i love or am intrigued about such as said movie i went to see tonight...... The black swan.......I have 2 days to process it before i let you know what i think!!!!

Friday: Freedom to be crazy!!! Friday could be anything!!! Lets just keep Fridays random. I could post any old thing!!!! I'm a wild women!!! You never know what crazy thing I could come out with!!!!! Also let me know your crazy stories.......If there is something you want to post, something you want to get off your chest but don't feel like you can write on your blog. Let me write your crazy story (only i will know who it is). Just email me (if someone can tell me how to out an email link on my blog)!!!! 


Saturday: I have decided to join in with

A great idea where you say what you love or are grateful for!!!

So that just leaves Wednesday! Any suggestions????? I need help!!!!
Tell me anything. Maybe i should organize something????

1 comment:

  1. I'm with you. I like a rhythm to my blogging week.
    And like you I left wed open originally (although I'm doing a fitness thing at the moment until the aust blog conference). I wouldn't worry too much - you'll find something random to put in there each week. A bit of spontaneity is a good thing :-)