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Feb 9, 2011

Thursday Review......Thai Garlic Chicken

So according to my new Blogging routine today i need to review something. Now i had mentioned i had been to the movies to see BLACK SWAN and that today i would write what i thought however i still don't know what i think!!! My friend had asked me if i wanted to go see a ballet movie so i was expecting a light hearted movie about ballet not BLACK SWAN. Don't get me wrong it was a brilliant movie, The acting was spectacular, the film work great and the story fantastic but when you go to a movie expecting one thing it is hard to understand the movie you get. I think i need to watch it again now knowing what it is to really appreciate the depth of the story. I do however recommend it even if it is a little scary!!!!

So today i have decided i really want to tell you about a recipe i have found. I love it!!!

My girlfriend just had a birthday so we decided to get her a Thai cooking class for her present. There are 2 things main things that is fantastic about this present.

The first great thing is that it is a time to get everyone together. It was a class for 4 people so it made us drop everything and spend time together. I'm sure we all know how hard it is to get together with your girlfriends without everything else getting in the way. And to have us ALL in the same room at the same time was fantastic.

The second great thing about this is that i learnt how to cook Thai. It was great. We learnt Money bags, Pad Thai, Deep fried ice-cream and Garlic chicken. The garlic chicken impressed me. I have cooked it 3 times since our class. There is just so much to love about it. It is cheap. It is yummy and it takes no time to cook. However i do feel sorry for the local Thai restaurant as they have lost some of my business.

Since i have stopped work our income has dropped and we have had to start budgeting. So take out is a luxury now. However this meal makes me feel i am having takeout without the expense.

so here it is........


200gm Chicken (I use 1 breast or 2 thighs..... how cheap is that to feed a small family of 4)
1 head garlic (i also put in a bit of minced garlic......i like garlic)
1 leek
1 onion
1 carrot
2 tablespoons soy sauce (if you want to serve with rice put 4 tablespoons)
1 tablespoon oyster sauce (if you want to serve with rice put 2 tablespoons)
1 tablespoon sugar (palm sugar is a little nicer but normal white sugar works as well)

Slice everything up. Now one thing i learnt at the lesson is how to cut up leek.Cut it into three, Then cut the chunks in half, Then slice it into slices. Don't cut it into rings!!!!

Chop up everything else!!!

Chicken, Garlic (minced in the mortal and pestle) Onion, Leek and Carrot.

heat the pan and oil. I Like the idea of gas cooking but i have an electric cook top so i decided that for this meal just to make it special i would get out the camp cooktop and bbq wok we have but never use.

 put in chicken and garlic. cook. then put in the vegetables and sauces. It only takes about 3 minutes to cook. When the carrots are a bit soft serve.

Now as i said in the recipe if i am just cooking this for the hubby and I I will serve as is with no rice so only use a small amount of sauce. But if i am making it for a family dinner i like to bulk it up with rice and the rice soaks up the sauce and makes it not as tasty so double the amount used. 

So for my review.......

Any meal that gets this response from a three year old after 3 serves deserves 5 stars out of 5

Look at that bowl. It is clean......

1) I love this meal as it is healthy. It is a great meal for all those trying to slim the waistline.
2)  It is quick. When i cooked it the other day it was annoying because i was ready to cook but i had to wait for the rice to cook as this only takes a short amount of time. So it is great for the times you have no time.
3) It is cheap. You can feed a family on a breast of chicken and a leek!!!! 
4) It is delicious!!!!

So My review.......
Cooking class with my friends 5 stars
Yummy Thai garlic chicken 5 stars
a meal my 3 year old devours 5 stars
Black swan........Maybe 4 stars!!!!


  1. It looks great!!!! And your little one is a real darling:)

  2. That must have been the dish of the night I think!! I have also recreated it along with the K's, but kids just had sausage rolls - so we could devour more!! YUM!!! Glad my birthday could inspire more good cooking! Have to do it again for sure!