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Feb 6, 2011

Set goals week 1

Ok so it is Sunday (very late on Sunday but Sunday none the less) I have been thinking since my last post about what i need....... Self Esteem.

I have been trying to work it out and i think i have come up with a solution.

I have bad feet. When i fell pregnant with my first she sucked the moisture out of my feet. It came back but then i fell pregnant again and the rest of the moisture was sucked out and i have had dry manky feet ever since.

I have been to a doctor and he has given me a special cream to make them better however i don't use it. I have been thinking lately why that is and i think it's because i'm too busy looking after everyone else and when it's time for bed i'm tired and i forget about me. So this weeks goal........Look after my feet.......Looking after my feet is the first step to looking after me!!!

What do you think????

P.S. i know i have people reading but not commenting so i know you're here reading why don't you tick a box!!!! Or comment!!!!


  1. No probs - I'll comment! I think self esteem is the first, biggest and probably most important hurdle you'll face on your weight loss journey.

    Check out this absolutely faboulous blogger (all her posts are great, but this is a good one to start with):

    have a great week

  2. Hi Jo, it is hard to get people commenting. I think I only get about 1-2 comments per 10 hits.

    I agree with Cate -self esteem in your weight loss journey is so important. Also, don't compare yourself to others.
    Celebrate each step you make towards your goal no matter how small.

    A lot of people just don't bother commenting - even friends :( . I can see they have visited by the icon in sidebar.
    Join in the memes - Maxabella loves (on Saturday) is a good one and a blog hop.
    Pick a few blogs to start commenting on yourself and see if you get follow back.

    I have dry feet/cracked heels and I bought heel balm but forget to use it too.
    Try putting it onto of your pillow or tacking a note up in bathroom next to your toothbrush.