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Mar 8, 2011


I had one of those wonderful clarifying moments tonight.

I had my usual weekly girls train game night where i sit at a table with my 4 girlfriends and we pretend to play a game while we talk about everything.......and i mean everything.......I'm pretty sure the husband walked in at one stage when we were talking placentas and the next time maternity bras (with visuals!!!!). One of the Subjects tonight was of a personal nature to my girlfriend and her relationship and it sparked quite an opinionated discussion amongst us, the rest of the conversations were about birth (of course) and any other topic that we stumbled upon.

When i was in the shower thinking about the evening and the conversations we had i had my wonderfully clarifying moment...........We talk about thing we don't understand!!!!

A few years ago a friend of mine stopped talking to me. I had no idea why or what i had done. Months later we reconnected and she told me that she had heard i was talking about her and saying she was a bad mother. She realized that she had been wrong and that she was sorry and that next time she would come to me to find the truth. (turns out the next time she didn't as she isn't talking to me again and i have no idea why!!!)

Tonight while i was with my girlfriends it dawned on me...........We talk about what we don't understand. I must admit i had talked with other girlfriends about this friend, I had never said she was a bad mother but we did discuss her situation like we discuss everything we don't understand. Sometimes you need to talk to someone outside the situation, you are not saying anything about the person you are just trying to understand.

So remember next time you hear someone talking about you behind your back think before you act.......Are they bitching about me or are they just trying to understand!!!!!

Mar 6, 2011

Hi all.

Just thought i would touch base. I have been on holidays for the last week without internet (and i'm also a little weird about telling people i will be away) So i thought i would quickly say i am still around!!! My holiday was could a week at the beach be anything less!!!!

I have heaps to post about but after a day in the car i am not doing it now!!!

So stay tuned for the craft (yes craft on holidays......i become supermum when i'm away from my house!!!) and the photos of a great week at the beach

Feb 24, 2011

Be tired

just a quick little post before i pass out in bed. Today i decided to pick Belly up from school (like i always do). On my way home from dropping her off this morning i trip metered the car to see how far it was to home........2.1 km. So 40 minutes before pick up time myself and the nearly 3 year old grabbed the dog and walked to school. Flick did well. Not much complaining and a decent pace, however it is down hill most of the way. We got to school just on time and then started the trek up the hill home. luckily one of the other parents took Belly's bag home so she didn't have to carry it or else the trip home could have been bad.

All in all it was a lovely afternoon. Not much complaining (Bribing/rewarding with lollies from the corner store help) 2 hour round trip and although we were walking at 3 year old pace i still got exercise.

However i feel sorry for Flick because if her legs feel anything like mine do we are in for a rough night sleep.

Feb 22, 2011

Play with paint

In my circle of friends of am known for my ability to throw a good party. My friends all say they would never miss one of my parties because they are fabulous and I must say they are right. I don't want to blow my own horn (who am I kidding of course I do) but I throw a good party. Anyone who can have throw a party with 10 liters of paint and 20 children aged 3-7 and not end up with a colored lawn or rainbow children must have some sort of talent in this area.

My Flick is turning 3 soon so we had her birthday party last weekend. In my house when you turn 3 you get a huge party. I have always thought that 3 is THEIR first birthday. Birthdays before 3 are for the parents and their friends. 3 is the first year they know what is happening, they get excited and they have their own friends not just family friends. So 3 in my house is big. 

Flick loves to paint. So I decided that she would have a painting party for her birthday.  

and here is what I did (in case you want to attempt to have 20 children and 10 liters of paint in your backyard)..........

The first thing i did was send out the invites. I made sure i told people to wear play clothes. When parents RSVP'd and asked what they could bring i said play clothes (and need supervision). I made sure everyone knew that it would be messy so that if they got covered in paint i couldn't be blamed for ruining clothes.

Then i thought about art smocks. I made an art smock for each of the children, when they arrived they put on an art smock and then they could take them home as part of there party bags. All i did was buy 2 donna covers for $3 from the local vinnies store and made basic paint smocks. The kids thought it was great.

This is belly in her paint smock. I made my girls special ones that weren't made out of doona that way belly could take hers to school but the other ones were the same design just thinner.

Now when organizing a 3 year old birthday party i find it can be difficult to organize group activities so what i do is set up stations.
The Grey tarp on the right is pet rock painting, The white board in the middle was foot painting (the kids thought this was great they could walk into paint then across some paper into a bucket of water) there were 2 stations behind me for canvas painting and plaster figure painting. Along the back fence was a mural painting, then there was face painting and a photo board at the back.......

the one on the left was for Flicks party and the one on the right for belly's Mary Poppins party. The kids love it and they aren't hard to make. I just got a piece of cardboard painted a picture and then husband made a frame so they stand up. Now we just have to find a place to store 2 boards until the girls move out.

We had a table set up for finished work and the paintings went on the clothes line.
Then people got to take home there creations in there party bags. WIN WIN.

I did have one organized activity and it worked really well. I got an old sheet, put a little paint in the bottom of a balloon with some air, hung them up then let the kids take turns to pop the balloons

The only advice i can give is to wear glasses as paint platters. The kids thought it was so much fun. The balloons were not noisy popping as the paint dulled the sound and they got a few drops of paint on them which they loved. And you end up with This........
now i just have to make something out of it but that's for another day.

Here are some other bits of the party
The cake.
The artist pallete biscuits (arrowroots with icing and mini m&m's and licorice paint brushes)

And the best part of all.........
Parent retreat!!! 
This may or may not have been a 10 o'clock party and wine may or may not have been available in parents retreat (just don't look at the photo closely....he he he)

So my tips.

1) Wear play clothes and provide or get people to bring smocks

2) Have supervision......i had teed up some friends to man the harder stations like the foot station and the back door station (she didn't let any kids into the house unless they needed to wee)

3) have a marker at each station to write names on art work

4) Remind everyone to take home there art work or you will end up with 20 pet rocks

5) Have's not very often kids get given so much paint and the freedom to play with it. Encourage hand painting. In the end it is only grass.

Be Fabulous!!

So i just had one of those wonderfully fabulous nights. I had some girlfriends over and we sat and drank wine, ate chocolate and cheese and watched one of the best movies  have seen I have seen in a long time...........

It was fabulous (get used to hearing that word because it seems to be the word on the street). Now while we were watching this movie there were many comments about how corny the movie was, how predictable the movie was, how clich├ęd the movie was.........and I agree (it was like coyote ugly but instead of being set in a sleazy bar it was set in a burlesque theater) But it was still fabulous.

Cher was Fabulous ( when isn't she), The music was fabulous, The atmosphere was fabulous. I loved the fact that there were no "bad" guys. It was just a lovely movie with nothing to worry about. Even the owner of the theater was a bitch hard business women who was lovely and friendly to everyone.
The only thing i have to say is that the green dress (although being fabulous)

Should have looked more like this.......

Then it would have been even more fabulous!!!!!!

So to sum things up i thought The movie was fabulous (if you didn't already know) My only question to those who have seen it..........

Was Nicky (Kristen Bell) Tess's (Cher) daughter??????? Let me know what you think

Feb 21, 2011

Not have a routine!! Set a goal week 2....

Ok so i am back!! One of my last posts was about having a blogging routine which at the time I thought was a great thing to do, it would keep me structured and I would have a plan. Since then I have been thinking alot........I managed to stay with this routine for 3 days. It then came to keeping up my routine and I got bored. It wasn't that the routine wasn't fantastic and completely inspired (he he he ) it was that I now had pressure on me. Pressure to keep up with what I had to do, pressure to do it right. I had all these ideas that I wanted to write about but it didn't fit with what I was "supposed" to be doing. So I didn't do anything. I didn't do my scheduled blog or the next one. Then I felt silly because I hadn't blogged for a couple of days so I hid. (it helped that I have been genuinely busy but I was still hiding).

I have been thinking since I started hiding why I was doing it. What it was that made me not want to do something I had so much fun doing. Then it hit's the same reason why I have become the size I am, it's the same reason why I don't stick with anything. I HATE being made to do something. I know it is me who is making me do it but I hate being told what to do. So...............I know it is Monday and I am meant to set my goals on Sunday (I think this is one part of the routine I want to keep) but I am going to make a goal.

During this week I need to find a way to exercise without having to schedule it in. I need to be spontaneous but still keep up with a plan. That is my challenge.

Oh and by the way with my goal of using my cream I did it every night for the week of the challenge. I pushed through, there were some nights I was so tired and couldn't be bothered but I pushed through and put that cream on. However since then i have gone back to my old ways so my secondary goal is to keep putting on the cream.

Feb 9, 2011

Thursday Review......Thai Garlic Chicken

So according to my new Blogging routine today i need to review something. Now i had mentioned i had been to the movies to see BLACK SWAN and that today i would write what i thought however i still don't know what i think!!! My friend had asked me if i wanted to go see a ballet movie so i was expecting a light hearted movie about ballet not BLACK SWAN. Don't get me wrong it was a brilliant movie, The acting was spectacular, the film work great and the story fantastic but when you go to a movie expecting one thing it is hard to understand the movie you get. I think i need to watch it again now knowing what it is to really appreciate the depth of the story. I do however recommend it even if it is a little scary!!!!

So today i have decided i really want to tell you about a recipe i have found. I love it!!!

My girlfriend just had a birthday so we decided to get her a Thai cooking class for her present. There are 2 things main things that is fantastic about this present.

The first great thing is that it is a time to get everyone together. It was a class for 4 people so it made us drop everything and spend time together. I'm sure we all know how hard it is to get together with your girlfriends without everything else getting in the way. And to have us ALL in the same room at the same time was fantastic.

The second great thing about this is that i learnt how to cook Thai. It was great. We learnt Money bags, Pad Thai, Deep fried ice-cream and Garlic chicken. The garlic chicken impressed me. I have cooked it 3 times since our class. There is just so much to love about it. It is cheap. It is yummy and it takes no time to cook. However i do feel sorry for the local Thai restaurant as they have lost some of my business.

Since i have stopped work our income has dropped and we have had to start budgeting. So take out is a luxury now. However this meal makes me feel i am having takeout without the expense.

so here it is........


200gm Chicken (I use 1 breast or 2 thighs..... how cheap is that to feed a small family of 4)
1 head garlic (i also put in a bit of minced garlic......i like garlic)
1 leek
1 onion
1 carrot
2 tablespoons soy sauce (if you want to serve with rice put 4 tablespoons)
1 tablespoon oyster sauce (if you want to serve with rice put 2 tablespoons)
1 tablespoon sugar (palm sugar is a little nicer but normal white sugar works as well)

Slice everything up. Now one thing i learnt at the lesson is how to cut up leek.Cut it into three, Then cut the chunks in half, Then slice it into slices. Don't cut it into rings!!!!

Chop up everything else!!!

Chicken, Garlic (minced in the mortal and pestle) Onion, Leek and Carrot.

heat the pan and oil. I Like the idea of gas cooking but i have an electric cook top so i decided that for this meal just to make it special i would get out the camp cooktop and bbq wok we have but never use.

 put in chicken and garlic. cook. then put in the vegetables and sauces. It only takes about 3 minutes to cook. When the carrots are a bit soft serve.

Now as i said in the recipe if i am just cooking this for the hubby and I I will serve as is with no rice so only use a small amount of sauce. But if i am making it for a family dinner i like to bulk it up with rice and the rice soaks up the sauce and makes it not as tasty so double the amount used. 

So for my review.......

Any meal that gets this response from a three year old after 3 serves deserves 5 stars out of 5

Look at that bowl. It is clean......

1) I love this meal as it is healthy. It is a great meal for all those trying to slim the waistline.
2)  It is quick. When i cooked it the other day it was annoying because i was ready to cook but i had to wait for the rice to cook as this only takes a short amount of time. So it is great for the times you have no time.
3) It is cheap. You can feed a family on a breast of chicken and a leek!!!! 
4) It is delicious!!!!

So My review.......
Cooking class with my friends 5 stars
Yummy Thai garlic chicken 5 stars
a meal my 3 year old devours 5 stars
Black swan........Maybe 4 stars!!!!

Weight loss Wednesday!!

So I have decided to make Wednesday a time for a half week weight loss revision. 

Wednesdays in our house have always been Ballet day. Last year it was my eldest doing ballet (she now goes on a Monday) now it is my youngest!!! She had her first lesson at baby ballerinas today and loved it so much!!!

Now it's not called ballet day because my daughter goes it is called ballet day because we both go!!!! 
Yes it was that time of year for me to fit my 100kg ass into a pair of ballet tights and show off my amazing 100kg body in a pair of undies and a singlet top!!! 

Ok it's time to get serious I only have until December (yes i know it is at the end of the year but it creeps up quick) to not look like a whale on stage at the end of year concert. 
This year i am not going to get comments from well intended people who think they are complementing you......."you are so brave" ...."I didn't know you could dance (yes fat people can dance too)"
and when i watch the video this year i will not see my 100kg boobs bounce (along with the rest of me) when i do my sautes (Springs/jumps).

So lets get serious!!!!

Feb 8, 2011

Freedom to Share......

So for the start of my routine I am going to share something I have been hooked on....... addicted to......stalking my computer every Sunday for the next installment........

Dance of Revenge

It is a story that was written many years ago by a very young to be blogger about a ballet dancer and her life!!!!

I love it. It is written so well for a 14 year old and the grown up behind it now comments on the said 14 year olds writing. She knows the 14 year old tryed her best (see......see what i did there!!!! read it and you will know what i mean!!!!) and it is just so funny. any way take a look........

Have a Blogging routine!

I have decided after looking at Blogs that I need a blogging routine. I am thinking something like......

Sunday: SET GOALS: Set weeks Goals. Talk about how fat i am. Talk about how cute i will look on my cruise. Talk about how much that won't happen since i just went to the movies and ate a hole bag of Skittles then came home and drank half a bottle of wine while i talked about said movie with my girlfriend

Monday: Freedom To make....i will show a sewing project or a baking project (i still haven't shown that b'day cake) or something that people will say ......."YES LETS DO THAT!!!!!!"

Tuesday:  Tuesday i have no children at home so i have time to blog. So what i might do is look.......look and see what takes my fancy. Look and Blog about someones post. Something that i think is awesome. I will link to a post i love. If you have any suggestions on a blog that i might like or something that you want to share let me know . There may be someone doing something great and it needs coverage/help. Let me know!!! I will take a look and see what i like!!!!

Wednesday: Please tell me what i could do!!!!!

Thursday: Freedom to Review.... I will review something. Whether it has been a book i have read, A movie i love or am intrigued about such as said movie i went to see tonight...... The black swan.......I have 2 days to process it before i let you know what i think!!!!

Friday: Freedom to be crazy!!! Friday could be anything!!! Lets just keep Fridays random. I could post any old thing!!!! I'm a wild women!!! You never know what crazy thing I could come out with!!!!! Also let me know your crazy stories.......If there is something you want to post, something you want to get off your chest but don't feel like you can write on your blog. Let me write your crazy story (only i will know who it is). Just email me (if someone can tell me how to out an email link on my blog)!!!! 


Saturday: I have decided to join in with

A great idea where you say what you love or are grateful for!!!

So that just leaves Wednesday! Any suggestions????? I need help!!!!
Tell me anything. Maybe i should organize something????

Feb 6, 2011

Set goals week 1

Ok so it is Sunday (very late on Sunday but Sunday none the less) I have been thinking since my last post about what i need....... Self Esteem.

I have been trying to work it out and i think i have come up with a solution.

I have bad feet. When i fell pregnant with my first she sucked the moisture out of my feet. It came back but then i fell pregnant again and the rest of the moisture was sucked out and i have had dry manky feet ever since.

I have been to a doctor and he has given me a special cream to make them better however i don't use it. I have been thinking lately why that is and i think it's because i'm too busy looking after everyone else and when it's time for bed i'm tired and i forget about me. So this weeks goal........Look after my feet.......Looking after my feet is the first step to looking after me!!!

What do you think????

P.S. i know i have people reading but not commenting so i know you're here reading why don't you tick a box!!!! Or comment!!!!

Feb 5, 2011


Today i had a feral day. It was just one of those days!!! The man went and played cricket (and to the pub after for presentation)  so i was at home with the kids. By late afternoon i was done......i was exhausted, I was cranky, the kids were not listening and i was done. I put them to bed (a little early), sat down with a glass (bottle) of wine and had a look to see what TIVO had suggested i should watch!!!

Touched by an angel!!! I love it. I used to watch it. It is a beautiful series.

This episode was about 2 brothers. The youngest had mental issues and the eldest was his carer after their parents had died. In the true tradition of the series the eldest brother thought his life was burdened by his brother and the angels were there to help them.

In my state (this was actually the 3rd episode TIVO had suggested so most of the wine was gone) after such a bad day. I didn't even put the oldest to bed, she put herself to bed. I sat and watched this episode and at the end when the angels were doing there thing Monica said something that i think i have to remember to remember. 

the oldest brother said that he (the youngest brother) was his responsibility to which Monica said.......

Responsibility is a have been entrusted with a beautiful soul who loves you, who's loyal to you, who will never hurt you.

I think that sometimes we all need to remember this!!!!

Feb 4, 2011

Apron Winner!!!

So as i said yesterday i am a forgetful idiot. I have finally got a winner for my Apron giveaway.

Well done!

Now for anyone who was dying to get one of my wonderful aprons in a color that matches your kitchen i am selling them for $15 each plus postage or $10 for a child size plus postage Just email me or comment and we can design it for you. They would make a great Mothers day present!!!!

Ask for help!!

Good evening all.

First thing i would like to say tonight is HI to all my new members and i would like to apologize for being so slack. I remembered today that i was meant to draw my apron giveaway on Thursday. So i will do that tomorrow and let you know the winner........good luck!!!

Now for the point of this blog (and i am sorry in advance about the content). I am having a bad mummy moment. My beautiful eldest daughter started kindergarten this week. She is 4 turning 5 in a few months and i always thought she was ready for school. However today (her second day of school) i get a call from the school asking me to come down and clean her up as she has done a poo and it has gone all up her back. I talked to her about it tonight and she told me that she tried to wipe but it was to messy (sorry for the graphic details but hey most of us are mums) so she sat in the toilets crying until someone found her. In the back of my mind I know she is not the first kindy kid to not be able to wipe her butt properly but it breaks my heart.

When Belly was a baby and i went to mothers group i saw all these "perfect" mums who had it all together. Their babies were "perfect", there lives were "perfect" and i was not. I was falling apart. One day i couldn't hold it in any longer and when Belly started to cry i just looked at her and burst into tears in front of all these "perfect" mothers. I felt like a failure until one of them told me about how they broke down at the post office, and another broke down at the supermarket. It was then i realized they weren't perfect they just felt like they had to be.

I am having one of those moments now. I am hearing fabulous stories about how everyone is doing so well at school and i am breaking down because my daughter can't wipe her bottom (she can most of the time) and she didn't eat her sandwich at lunch today because the cheese was melted.

So i need your help. I need you to tell me your kids weren't perfect when they started school. I need to know i am not alone staring at my baby crying because i feel like a failure.

So do you have a story? I would love to hear it!

Feb 3, 2011

Get back your Self Esteem???

I am sitting here watching the current season of "The Biggest Loser" and it is making me think. Every time the trainers ask the contestants what is holding them back, or whenever the trainers talk about the contestants they talk about one thing.......Self esteem, pride and fear. My question to you is how do you get these things back without a screaming mass of muscle hovering over your shoulder and pushing you the entire way.

How do us simple FAT folk get our self esteem back?????

Jan 31, 2011

Set Goals!!!

So I have just put down a deposit on a south pacific cruise!!! I am so excited!!! I have never been on a cruise before so myself and 3 of my girlfriends are going for 7 nights to Noumea!!! We are leaving the kids and husbands behind to sail across the ocean!!! Yippee

The only problem is I have a couple of things to do before then!!!!
1) Save the rest of the money!!!!!
2) Look Hot in a swim suit!! Ok maybe not hot but atleast a little better then I do!!!

So here it is I am going to reveal something so that everyone can help me!!!

My Weight is in triple figures!!!! Not by much (actually only just) but i need to do something and this is the perfect reason. So i have decided to use you guys to keep me honest!!!

Here Is my plan........
I have a gym membership and plan to go at least 4 times a week.
I am going to try and eat a little better then I do. I don't eat really bad but i need to cut down on my carbs (pasta is a love!!!)

Now that is what I am going to start with ........ any other suggestions would be great!!

So every Sunday I am going to post my progress. If I have to write it I have to do it.
This is were I need your help........If I don't post remind me.....Make me.......Hound me!!!!

So before next Sunday I am going to work out were I am at the moment (my scales are broken at the moment......The ferals tipped too much water on them) I will think about a realistic goal and I will think of other ways to achieve it.

So if anyone has any good ideas let me know!!! Also if anyone else has a goal comment about it......we can work together!!!

Jan 30, 2011

Be excited!!!!

I just had to post!!!!

I know have 10 followers. I am so excited! I have doubled my readership in a week (i know it's not like i doubled 100 but it's still exciting!!)

So i would like to say a big HI to all you new members. I hope you find what I write interesting even though i have absolutely no writing experience.

So let me know a bit about you and don't forget to link your blog in your comment so we can all take a look!!!!

Jan 29, 2011


My girlfriend had her b'day party last night. I mentioned the other day in sew that I was doing a lot of sewing but couldn't show as it was for our costumes and i wanted to keep them secret!!! Well I can now reveal them.......again (as we were wearing them last night). The theme was 80's so each of my family went as a different aspect of the 80's 
We had ......
Belly as the Cindi Lauper 80's dancer. It was so fun to make this dress and she loved the tulle in her hair!!!

We had.......
Flick as the Olivia Newton John lets get physical!!! Made basically the same a Belly's but instead of a circle skirt I put shorts.......oh and made it out of an old pair of sweatpants!!! She also had purple joggers on but they didn't last normally don't with Flick!!!!

We then had.......
The Husband as the 80's filmstar..... He could be Tom Cruise in top gun, Richard Gere in an officer and a gentleman and (i know it's not 80's but is close enough) a few good men!!!! He was wearing his cricket pants and a white shirt. I made Epaulletes (i think that's how you spell them) and bought the hat from the costume shop.

And me ......Well i was 80!!! 

I put flour through my hair to make it grey, put on my pearls and bought an outfit from the local Vinnies!!!

It was a really good night!! Everyone really got into the dress up and had a ball!!!

Next post i am going to introduce you to another love of mine and show you the cool B'day cake I made for the event!!!!

Jan 28, 2011

Pay It Forward!!!

Was just looking at Trish's Great Blog MY LITTLE DRUMMER BOYS and she is doing a pay it forward so thought i would join in!!!!

How does it work........

I promise something handmade to the FIRST 5 people who leave a comment here. To be eligible, you must repost this message, offering something handmade to 5 other people. The rules are that it must be handmade by you, and it must be sent to your 5 giftees sometime in 2011. Ready, set, GO!

I Love what Trish says on her post
"It won't necessarily make the world a better place but I'll give it all my heart"

So here it Pay it forward.

I am going to give my first 5 posters a choice of what they would have 365 days of me blogging things i do and when you find one you like i'll make you just have to pay it forward........

I know that some of my followers aren't bloggers but you could still participate..... pay it forward on facebook. Just link this post and use your first 5 comments to pay it forward......just an idea!!!!

So what are you waiting for........go know you want to!!!!!

Jan 26, 2011

Play Lego

Hi All.

I love Santa however this year he decided to bring the girls Lego. Why Santa would think Lego is a good idea i have no idea however the girls love it. I however hate it because whenever they get it out it ends up everywhere!!! So this morning i decided to make a Lego Mat. I started out with a plan.......
I am such an artist........almost as good as Belly!!

The plan is...... the pink at the top left corner is the storage area. You then have water and beach at the bottom, a road going around and green grass in the middle.

I then went through all my scrap material, I am getting quite a collection (still not as good as my mums however) and got out anything i thought would work.

And Turned this.......

Into This.......

Now i have no idea how to do patchwork so the next thing i did was just started at the bottom and tried to sew them together as best as i could.
 I then backed the entire thing in red ( I had a fair bit of that) If i had time and energy i could have made a different scene and made it double sided ( That is your challenge!!!) but i couldn't be bothered!!!! (yes i am that Lazy!!!!)

And presto......

Now the best part of my Awesome Lego mat is that i then sat down for an hour and played Lego with the girls. 

I have labeled all the points of interest around Lego town Click to get a larger picture.

The Lego has now successfully been played with for an hour unsupervised and it is still in the one place


Hi All.

I have decided i want more followers. I know people are reading this but i want more people (because i'm just that greedy)!!! So i have decided to have a giveaway!!!

Yeah Free Stuff!!!!


If you are already a follower (all 5 of you.....i love you all) You need to recruit me a follower. Advertise my blog to someone you would think would like what i do. Then Comment on the post to tell me who you have recruited. You and your recruit will go into the draw!!

If you aren't a follower........become one!!!! If you then recruit someone you get another entry!!

Now here is the prize.........

A one of a kind Handmade Apron!! 
(I will Post to the winner if they don't live around here!!!)
In whatever color border will suit your kitchen.

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Jan 24, 2011

Make a shopping List

Today i decided i needed to make a shopping list. One that is always in the kitchen and always has a pen near it. So here is what i did........

First thing i did was get a pen. You need a pen that doesn't have a hangy thing on it. Just a straight pen. I then got a pin heated it up and burnt a hole in the top. Wriggle the pin around to make the hole as big as you can.  Then thread wool Through the hole.......I had to tie it onto fishing line to guide it through the small hole.

Here is a picture Belly drew of me putting a pin through the pen
Aren't I pretty!!!!

I then Cut 2 rectangles of material. The size is going to depend on your pad But make the front one a little smaller.
I had some Padding stuff lying around so i ironed on a layer. You could use interfacing or something as well. It just gave it a bit of bulk.
Then sew the rectangle up so you have a pocket.

Then make a strap. And sew it into the opening of the larger pocket along with the end of the wool for the pen.

Sew the smaller pocket closed. Then sew the 2 together.
and Woolaa
One shopping list to hang in the kitchen with pen attached.

The first one i made was a bit small so I have now introduced Belly to the dance card....... She loves to play princes at the moment so now she has a proper dance card.......
And Elmo is her first prince.

Live and love

I am sitting in my dining room at the moment finding it hard to see my computer screen through the tears that are streaming down my face. I was reading a friends blog this morning......Remember the art of living.....and she mentions a another blog so as i had a little time  i went over to rrsahm. I read her last 2 posts and was already in oar of this women. How brave she was. So this afternoon as Belly sat on the lounge and had quiet time i read some more. I made a point of reading from dec so i could see who this amazing person was before her life was changed.

i don't normally read alot of blogs. i just find it hard to find ones that i like but i found myself not being able to stop reading this one. The courage this lady has. I understand that she says she "can" do this because she has to but i often wonder how i would go if i were in the same situation.

I don't know why i am writing now. I just felt compelled to share this site with as many people as i could. This women is amazing. And i think she has a story that needs to be told!


So i thought i would share my veggie garden with everyone. It's not as good as it has been in previous years because the amount of rain we have had has damaged some things and i think i planted too much but it is still pretty good.

We have zucchini, Corn, Beans, tomato and strawberry. I just got my first Zucchini and about my 3rd strawberry
The girls get half a strawberry each!!!

However i do have more coming up....see......
I find gardening fun. I don't do much to look after it but it is nice standing out in the backyard watering the garden. There is a peace looking at the green growing vegetables and listening to the water hitting the large leaves. Also there is some satisfaction in eating something you've grown.

And i can't wait to eat this.......... 

yum. Home grown corn!!!!!

P.S. can you please leave me some comments so i know what people are reading!!!! Thanks.

Jan 21, 2011


Hi all.

I have been busy sewing lately but it is for an 80's party i'm going to next weekend so i can't put the photos up because i want our costumes to be a surprise so you will have to wait!!!! And i'm telling you they are worth waiting for!!!
Here's a teaser.......Part of Flicks costume!!!

I did however make a little top and shorts for a friends baby today so thought i would put up some pictures!!

It was made out of a skirt I wore on my honeymoon. I was trying to make a dress but I was a little bit smaller when I got married then I am now so there wasn't as much material as I thought. So I found an old denim baby dress lying around that doesn't fit anyone and..........
Made matching shorts!!!
I must say I am loving my overlocker and the Roll hem function!! However I did break a needle first broken needle!!!!

If you would like to know how to make this shirt go HERE
I have made mine a little different as i found this can be hard to get on and off so i now make the chest band a little bigger than my measurement and then i sew elastic around the top and bottom of the chest band this way it stretches a bit more to get on.

I also make my square bigger and cut off the points!! 
it just gives the bottom a bit more length while still keeping the shape!! (This is one i made for Flick before i put the elastic in. It fit's her perfectly but she can't get it on and off without help)

If anyone is actually reading this for sewing instructions just let me know and i can put more information up on how i made this!!